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By: Kevin Hale

Alright, we got some good stuff to announce today. Thanks to our man Alex, who added some sweet caching action to Wufoo reports over the last few weeks, everyone should have seen a nice boost in speed on the loading of their reports, charts and graphs. One of the nice side effects of implementing caching for our reporting system is that we were able to use that as the foundation for creating code snippets to integrate your reports and widgets into your own web sites!

New Code Manager for Reports!

To access the new Code Manager for reports, just make your report public by checking off the Public checkbox sitting to the right of your report’s name in the Report Manager. When you do this, the Code button will appear below the report’s name. The interface should be very familiar to those of you used to the Code Manager we provide for Form code snippets:

Embed Graphs, Charts and Numbers from your Reports into Your Web Site!

The Report Code Manager provides access to the following features:

JavaScript Embed for Report Widgets

These new embeddable report widgets open up a lot of possibilities for our power users wanting more flexibility in how they share their data with their users. For example, if you’ve got a totally sweet report like this created in Wufoo:

Example Bug Report

And you want to just share one of the graphs or tables of data in a blog post or web page, you can go to the Code Manager for that Report, grab the JavaScript snippet for that specific widget and paste it into a web page like this!

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Yup, that’s a live widget up there based on filler content collected from one of our example forms. Or if you want to create a mini dashboard highlighting a specific metric, you can insert just the number widget from the report like this!

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The possibilities are really endless. These embeddable widgets are based on live data collected from your Wufoo form, which means they’ll automatically update as new entries are collected. Because they’re based on the widgets in your report, any filters you apply or changes you make to that widget in Wufoo’s Report Builder will also automatically be reflected on the embedded version. These new features are available to all users across all plans and we hope you enjoy showcasing your data in new and exciting ways!